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Scam or saviors? Immokalee woman worried about roofing job

Posted at 10:18 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 22:18:22-05

It's been almost three months since Hurricane Irma, but Rita Botello's roof is still leaking.  Volunteers have come and gone since the storm but the problem won't go away.

Rita thought she had it solved when 4 men from approached her Monday offering to help.  She thought they were wearing AmeriCorps shirts and they asked her to sign some papers.

"You need to sign this because that way if we are working on top of your roof, you're not going to be liable for us if we have an accident or something," said Botello.

By the time rita realized she hadn't read the fine print, the volunteers had left.

"When I realized I hadn't gotten my copy, I tried to call them, one number was disconnected, the other one was an office for a doctor."

That's when she started feeling uneasy.

"What got me worried was I saw the news a couple of weeks ago, saying there was some sort of scams and they were coming to seniors houses and taking their money, or they would say they're going to fix their house and wouldn't do it."

AmeriCorps says it still has 30 volunteers working throughout Southwest Florida, many of them have been here since Irma.

"Our AmeriCorps Disaster Response Teams are specialty trained programs deployed in times of disaster - and their uniforms should serve as a "good housekeeping seal of approval." I've flagged the concern from the resident for our disaster staff," AmericCorps said in a statement to Fox-4.

Even if the work doesn't get done Rita still wants to hear from whoever showed up at her house.

"I want them to get back to me if it is their people, then I'll be good."

Rita did not lose any money in this situation.

Experts say you should always check a contractor's license and make sure they are insured before they begin any work on your home.