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Santa Clause makes a surprise appearance delivering Christmas gifts in Suncoast Estates.

Santa makes an early stop in Southwest Florida.
Posted at 11:06 PM, Dec 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-22 23:07:27-05

“If it wasn’t for them, these kids wouldn’t be as happy as they are today,” said Marrianne Floria.

Earlier today Santa Clause loaded up his sleigh in Suncoast Estates making his guest appearance handing out gifts to the children. Along the route many families in the area came out. One grandmother said she loves seeing the joy Suncoast Santa brings to the kids.

“Oh this is great, I love what the Scotts have done for these kids over the years, and it’s benefiting the kids, it makes them feel special,” said Marrianne Floria.

Jenny Scott organizes this event, she has loved ones who volunteer, and local businesses who donate to this cause every year. Gathering all of the gifts through fundraisers and widespread Facebook posts. One father added these gifts help him out each year.

“It helps out tremendously because I mean me myself I have 4 kids any kind of help…helps,” said Braidden Fraser.

And his son adding it’s pretty awesome.

“I think its pretty awesome because like no one ever gets too see Santa cause like, they all be asleep but this time you actually get to see him in real life,” said Jordan Fraser.

We caught up with Scott later in the evening, telling us she brought this tradition back after the original organizers moved away, and for her it’s personal to help the kids.

“Well it means a lot, well I grew up here so i know the struggle and I know how it is and I have a soft spot for kids so it makes me feel good to be able to give them some Christmas presents, some of the kids this is all they are getting,” said Jenny Scott organizer of Suncoast Santa.

She says the first year she hired Santa, he wouldn't take the money. Santa has now been doing this event for 3 years and loves it, but has one message for the boys and girls at home.

“Alright boys and girls you have three days, be good, I’ll be watching,” Santa Clause.