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Sammy and Jaylen Watkins now have roads named after them in Fort Myers

Posted at 1:53 AM, Jul 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-11 01:53:33-04

FORT MYERS — There are now two streets in Fort Myers named after NFL players who grew up there.

Sammy and Jaylen Watkins were in town Saturday to celebrate the big reveal.

Jaylen Watkins St. and Sammy Watkins Ave. are the newest additions to the road map of Fort Myers, replacing Dupree St. and American Ave. The two NFL stars said they have a lot of history here.

"Our mom still lives on this street. His family still lives on this street. We played on these streets, so just to come back after everything and see what we were able to accomplish is pretty cool," said Jaylen Watkins.

Dozens of community members came out to celebrate with the Watkins family, saying their athletic success is now a road map for others to follow.

"Their legacy is the dreams they’re inspiring in everyone here today," said Matthew Booth, a friend of the Watkins family.

"The young girls and boys who are running through this City can look up and see your names on a sign that they can remember too that they can achieve the same things," said Fort Myers City Council Member Teresa Watkins-Brown.

The Watkins brothers said street names are just the beginning of the legacy they hope to leave in the community.

"We're actually getting a facility, me him and Tre Boston. Just trying to bring the community together, and I think for me, we’re just getting started with that," said Sammy Watkins.

"Showing kids how to go off, achieve your dreams, but come back and share the fruits of your labor with the community where you grew up," said Jaylen Watkins.

The Watkins brothers said that facility will be called "D1 Sports Fort Myers." It’s an athletic training facility for the community that they hope to be opening by the end of this year.