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Salvation Army weather shelters open for first time in 2 years

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 23:17:16-05

SOUTHWEST Fla. --- As temperatures continue to drop residents are doing what they can to stay warm. For one woman she never imagined living in her car and turning to the Salvation Army for shelter.

Katrina Greggor is a veteran that now works as a house aide, but she's forced to sleep in her car because she's unable to make ends meet.

"I was in the Marine Corps so it's kind of like survival," said Katrina Greggor.

On cold nights survival means staying warm, which is what led her to the Salvation Army. Greggor says she turned to the Salvation Army after finding out that the organization activated its weather shelters for the first time in two years on Wednesday night.

Greggor says she is grateful for the sweat shirt that someone donated to the Salvation Army. That shirt is what she's using to keep her warm.

"Her and her husband came and I gave her a big hug. But I would do, I'd say God bless you," said Greggor. "You're going to be blessed 10 times for what you have done for me. You will be because that's what God does."

The Salvation Army's weather shelter will be available until Saturday. 

A spokesperson telling 4 In Your Corner that they are expecting the number of people to increase as temperatures are expected to dip even lower.