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Roar Offshore making noise off Fort Myers Beach again as powerboat event returns

Posted at 7:37 AM, Oct 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-07 19:23:25-04

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — There’s going to be plenty of noise coming from the water this weekend.

More specifically, from powerboats as the Roar Offshore event makes its grand return to Southwest Florida.

There will be thousands of people gathering here throughout the next four days. A good chunk of their money is going to be used towards food, lodging and other accommodations.

In fact, one of the event’s main goals is to help the beach’s economy during a traditionally slower time of year. That’s all the while bringing exposure and recognition to the boating, recreational and entertainment opportunities the area has to offer. Jacki Liszak, the president of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, tells Fox 4 News that thanks to the local sales tax, business owners are able to turn a nice profit. Some of these business owners are getting so fired up that they will be hosting viewing parties.

“The impact on the economy is huge, obviously on our bed tax and on our sales tax revenues, etcetera," says Liszak. "It’s a nice little boost in the pockets of all the business owners, the restaurants, the bars, the cafes and accommodations to get us through the rest of what is typically a slower part of the year."

Not only locals showing up for this weekend’s event but those from around the world. The Roar Offshore represents the Offshore Powerboat Associations National Championship and has one of the largest power boat racing prize purses in the country. So you can say it’s a pretty big deal among boat racers.

It’s also a big deal in terms of Southwest Florida getting some recognition which can make for a busy weekend. Spectators will want to arrive early as doing so will help you avoid traffic and secure your prime viewing spot.

“I know that all of our beachfront businesses are certainly tee’d up for this and are having a number of different parties and viewing opportunities," said Liszak. "My understanding is there’s still some places left at some places and there’s still some accommodations available, not many, but there are accommodations still available on the island. So make sure you get your reservation in here quickly!”

Liszak also said there will be plenty of parking for spectators. There will also be some public transportation with the island’s trolley service as well as Uber and Lyft.

For those who can’t make the race weekend in-person, there is some good news. The race will be televised over simulcast as well as social media.

You can find details about tickets and a schedule of events online right here.