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Roar Offshore Boat Races impact on Fort Myers Beach economy

Posted at 10:00 PM, Oct 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-13 22:51:55-04

Boating teams from all over the world are here in Southwest Florida for the inaugural Roar Offshore National Championship.

The Diamond Head Beach Resort served as the starting point and finish line, and hotel owners provided optimal entertainment. The beachfront featured a DJ and food vendors as people flocked to the area.

The resorts marketing director, Heather Jenkins said "The community has really been working to bring more events to the area that can help to bring more business."

The owner of Tuckaway Cafe says his family has been in the restaurant business for over eight years, and they took a pretty big hit from the Red Tide of last summer and hurricane Irma the year before. This sudden burst of tourism gave his family a huge sigh of relief

“Its been great for our business so far, we had a really good day yesterday on Friday and today's been a very busy morning at better than a usual October day” said Tre Gillette.

The Offshore Powerboat Association estimates that this event alone has brought thousands of spectators to the area. Fox 4 spoke with people who live an work in Fort Myers.

“Probably more busy than most 4th of July’s even, this is definitely one of the busiest days I’ve seen,” said Erik Lafave.

"It gives more know to like what we have...and brings in a different crowd," said Blake Nowicki.

Officials with the association say they had one goal in mind when picking Fort Myers for its 2019 national championship... to boost the local economy.