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Road rage incident leads to shots fired in Collier

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 23:23:39-04

No one was hurt after a man fired what appeared to be an assault rifle at a shopping plaza in Naples 

Deputies arrested Antonio Loduca Thursday.

Kimberly Collins had a run in with Loduca minutes before the incident, after he cut her off along Tamiami Trail on her way to work.

"He proceeded to go to the same place we were going.  We were going to work and he was going to the same place," said Collins.

That place is Davis Village, where Kimberly runs a pet shop, she never made it inside.

She took her infant and two year old behind the building after Loduca began waving a what looked like an assault rifle.

"He held it up and waved it at us, and made sure that he saw that he had it, still staring at us."

Collins and her family stayed out of sight from the shooter until deputies arrived.

"When we went around the building we could hear pops going off, shots going off."

Loduca's weapon was actually an air soft rifle made to look like a real weapon, but that doesn't make Collins feel any better about what was a terrifying ordeal for her.

"Recalling it, I was like shaking, starting to tear up, just thinking about not not being safe going to work," said Collins.

Loduca is in the Collier County jail charged with assault, along with possession of cocaine and amphetamines.