Road closures and sinkhole reported in Cape Coral

Posted at 1:53 PM, Aug 26, 2017

A sinkhole has been reported and multiple roads are closed due to flooding in Cape Coral, the Cape Coral Police Department said.

These roads include:

  • Skyline Blvd to Gleason Pkwy
  • Tropicana Pkwy E
  • The intersection of Santa Barbara Blvd and Hancock Bridge Pkwy to SE 9th St.
  • The intersection of Chiquita Blvd S and Trafalgar Pkwy


Police have also reported a sinkhole at Mohawk and 58th Pl. and a berm breach at NW 29th Ter. and NW 28th Ave. Law enforcement is asking residents to avoid this area. 

Additional information:

•The City of Cape Coral does not supply sandbags.  If resident want to use them they will need to obtain them from a local hardware/home-imporovement store. (Find sand bags in Lee County Here)

•While tempting, the Cape Coral Police Department and Cape Coral Fire Department are urging residents not to play in the water (swimming, canoeing, wading, etc.).  the water can carry dangerous parasites, venomous wildlife, chemicals, and, with currents due to flow near storm drains, can be a drowning hazard.