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Riverdale High School students return to morning motivation

Posted at 3:34 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 17:23:40-04

Students at Riverdale High School in Fort Myers, returned from spring break to a surprise from their peers. The school's walls, doors and lockers were covered with notes and words of encouragement. The goal was to help form a stronger sense of community. 

The idea came from Rylie Spicker who helps lead the student council at Riverdale High School. Spicker heard about students at other schools doing something similar, but she wanted to make the project even more special for her fellow students. 

“I thought it would be really nice to put notes on every single locker so everyone was included and we even did them in bathrooms as well“, she told Fox 4.

Spicker got together with her fellow council members to put everything together. The group wrote down inspirational messages and spent hours printing them out after deciding which ones they would give to their schoolmates. They went in during their spring break and spent three hours taping the notes all over the school. 

"We really wanted to bond students together in and just show kindness in just little ways", said Avery Tarry. 

Tarry is student class president. She helped organize the council's effort to spread kindness to bring together the students of Riverdale High School.

"As student council we always like to preach kindness and compassion". 

Spicker, Tarry, and the rest of their classmates hope the momentum from this one act of kindness will carry on far beyond the school year.