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Retired FBI agent talks tactics in search for Brian Laundrie

Various factors play into search strategy
Search for Brian Laundrie Florida
Posted at 11:23 PM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 19:56:08-04

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. — Authorities wrapped day 4 in the search for Gabrielle Petito's boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in her disappearance and death.

The North Port Police says, so far, nothing has turned up in the multi-agency search.

Part of the challenge is the terrain itself. Retired FBI agent out of Tampa, James Castano, explains in an area that is rough and remote, like Charlton Reserve, one of the challenges is mother nature, itself. He says the Florida heat means the possibility of mosquitoes, rain, dehydration. Also, the agents and officers are often wearing body armor, carrying extra ammo and equipment, up to 50 extra pounds through that difficult terrain.

Castano says the search starts at a command post level, or command element level. He says, "They formulate a plan. It's not haphazard. It's purposeful, deliberate and like I said, depending on what type of search pattern they elect to do, depending on the terrain, and what they like to do, they'll switch the teams into groups and systematically cover each grade or each strip until they cover the whole area."