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Residents stunned after assisted living facility shuts down

Posted at 8:11 PM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 07:28:50-04

FORT MYERS, Fla -- Lamplight Assisted Living facility in Fort Myers will shine no more, the state is shutting its doors for good after numerous violations. A 50 page complaint charges the facility with more than $40,000 in fines for violations. Now the dozens of people who live there, have 45 days to find a new home.

"This makes me feel lousy man," said Jerry Burge, a resident at the facility.

Fox 4 spoke with residents like Jerry Burge and Will Komar, who both live at Lamplight Assisted Living and Reta Lanning who has a daughter in the facility as well. All three didn’t really have many complaints about it.

"Everybody developed a family in this place, everybody’s family," said Jerry Burge.

"I was grateful when they took her in," said Reta Lanning.

However, William Komar, says the employees weren’t the problem." The management, that’s the only person that’s made me feel handicapped," he said.

Looking through the complaints, Fox 4 found violation after violation dating back almost a decade. Including not having proper medication and improper supervision of patients, totaling $42,000 in fines from the state.

We tracked down lamplight ownership for a response to all this, but they told us they could not comment at this time. But now with 45 days to find a new place, what options are there for eighty plus people? Residents tell Fox 4 Lamplight is helping residents find other places to live.

"They had facilities they said they could take us, but it was all out of the county," Komar said.