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Residents outraged over proposed road through their neighborhood

Posted at 11:52 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 23:58:26-04

People living along three streets in Golden Gate Estates are fighting a developer's attempt to build a shortcut through their neighborhood.

The one mile extension would connect Randall Boulevard with Oil Well Road.  The road would zig zag around a canal and run alongside the ends of 27th through 31st Avenue Northeast.

"The county is calling it the S curve, I think "S" is for stupid," said resident Robert Anderson.

Anderson and other neighbors say their dead end streets would be opened up to more traffic if the extension is built.

"If they do that we will be a throughway, a raceway and kids and dogs will everybody being killed on this road," said Rae Ann Burton, who lives on 31st Avenue.

The extension would make it easier for construction vehicles to access the Rural Lands West development, which is under construction now.

“It might look good on a drafting table, but the reality is it's going to destroy this canal and this neighborhood," said Cornelius Sullivan.  "And for what?  There are other highways."

The Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization is slated to discuss the issue at a meeting this fall.  County Commissioner Penny Taylor sits on the MPO, she told Fox-4 she opposes the project.