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Residents form political action committee to push leaders to act on flooding problems

Posted at 9:23 AM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 10:41:05-05

Residents in a Lee County neighborhood that was devastated by recent floods are hoping a political action committee will help put pressure on county leaders to find solutions. 

Island Park Citizens. org is a grass-roots political action committee for residents affected by floods according to group organizers.

So far, 600 people have joined the group which aims to raise awareness to whatever is attributing to the flooding. The group also wants to pressure county leaders to develop short and long-term flood mitigation plans. 

Record rainfall in August left several communities along Island Park Rd under up to two feet of water. Two short weeks later, rainfall associated with Hurricane Irma left hundred residents trapped in their homes for up to nine days. 

 “As I’m putting money into my house I’m asking, ‘is this going to happen again,’” said Tim Mitchell, who lives in Royal Woods. 

Mitchell’s condo suffered extensive water damage during the first round of floods in August. When the floods struck his community in September, his son and his wife both lost their vehicles. 

“We got a lot of issues with [flooding] and they have to [find solutions] because this is going to go on every freaking year, I think, excuse my language, said Tim Mitchell.

According to a press release from Island Park Citizens, 600 people have signed on to the political action committee. Members plan attend Tuesday county commissioner to speak face-to-face with Lee County board commissioners. 

Some residents told Four In Your Corner, a new development behind the Island Park community could be to blame for the drainage problems. 

“They started building behind us and that’s the big thing,” said Mitchell. “There’s a 10-foot [wall] or something like that behind us, that’s the big reason I believe this is flooding here. They need to do something about the drainage where they’re building the new homes behind us,” added Mitchell.