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Rescuers rush to save abused dog in Fort Myers

Posted at 10:40 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 22:40:37-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Veterinarians rushed a rescued dog into surgery. Lily came to them covered in bite marks and puncture wounds from toe to tail.

"Where do we start? I don't know where, it's all bad," Dr. Thomas Jackson said. Dr. Jackson operated on Lily as soon as his team felt it she'd be able to go under general anesthesia.

"If we didn't do immediate surgery, she probably would've died from some sort of infection," Victoria Frazier said. Lily's body covered with almost 200 bite wounds.

Frazier runs Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue in Fort Myers. Lily was rescued from Miami-Dade county. Frazier's group was told Lily was attacked by several Doberman Pinschers. However, Lily's injuries could point to more serious abuse.

"There's some clear cut scratches on her that are perfectly in line with a rake or even a bear claw," Dr. Jackson said.

Arthrex helped aid Lily's recovery. Advanced Veterinary Services and Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue received plenty of help from people who heard about Lily's story.

"It's donations and gifts. People banded together and it's heart warming and welcoming," Dr. Jackson said.

Lily is scheduled for another surgery this week. Dr. Jackson hopes to remove the drains all around her body.

Frazier said it was great to see Lily start to socialize with children. Everyone happy with her progress so far.

"To see these dogs go from being fearful to them giving their paw and loving children is the most amazing part," Frazier said.

Dr. Jackson said Lily might be ready to have a permanent home in about a month's time.