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Redemption dispute between arcade and Collier man

Posted at 11:52 PM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 09:07:34-04

Andrew Vale and his family enjoy making the trek from Marco Island to Gulf Coast Town Center to enjoy a night at Gametime.

"We go every week, it's a fun place," said Vale.

But his most recent experience at this entertainment center was not so pleasant.  Andrew tried to redeem his points which are earned by hours spent here gaming.  He has about 214,000 points and he wanted to use them on a Nintendo Switch for his nephew.

"No, you're not getting it, no. The points may not even be good," Vale says the manager told him.

The general manager at the Gulf Coast Gametime told 4 In Your Corner, records on their end show Andrew only has 11,000 points, well short of what is required to buy the device.

"Even if it was true, it's not our fault.  I think they are playing games, they truly are, they are playing games at Gametime," said Andrew.

The manager says us he's checking with Gametime's vendor who handles the database that stores all of Vale's gaming history, to see why there is a discrepancy.

The process has taken over a week now, and the manager told his he's not sure when he will have an answer.

Vale says he's not as concerned about redeeming his points as he is about how poorly one of the managers treated him during the process.

"Just the way he treated us, just the way he belittled us, the way he talked to us, we didn't even make a scene, he's the one that made a scene.  He threw us out of there and embarrassed us in front of tons of people."

The manager 4 In Your Corner spoke with Thursday was not the same person who had the interaction with Vale.

We also reached out to Gametime's corporate office in Ft. Lauderdale, but did not hear back.