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Record spending predicted for Scott-Nelson senate race

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 22:41:25-04

Governor Rick Scott made his first official campaign stop as a senate candidate Monday.

The two term Republican governor held a rally at Sun Harvest Citrus, where he touted his job creation record during his tenure.  He vowed to break through the partisan gridlock in Washington.

"We need need to send people up there for doers, I think what we do is send talkers," said Scott.

Scott will face incumbent Senator Bill Nelson, who was first elected to the senate in 2000.

Although 35 senate seats are up for election in 2018, this race could decide whether Democrats or Republicans will control the senate.

"It will be a tossup election," said FGCU Political Science Professor Peter Bergerson.

Bergerson says spending by both candidates will set fundraising records.

"It's really hard to get your mind around 125 million dollars, but that's the nature of the game today" said Bergerson.  "My guess is it will be that much and or more."

4-In-Your-Corner reached out to Nelson's campaign for comment, but did not hear back.  Senator Nelson tweeted a response to Governor Scott's announcement this morning saying:

"I've always run every race like there's no tomorrow -regardless of my opponent. while it's clear that Rick Scott will say or do anything to get elected, I've always believed that if you wake up every day and if you try to do the right thing, the politics will take care of itself."