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Quality Life Center places finishing touches on expansion in Fort Myers

A bigger building also means the center can accept some of the 200 teens on their waiting list
Posted at 10:52 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 22:52:36-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Today a center for teens in Fort Myers celebrated the expansion of their leadership program.

But it means so much more than that. The kids who grew up there say it's vital to the community.

Teens were a part of the process too. They were the first ones to sign this beam right here.

It shows builders are one step closer to completing their new leadership center.

About a hundred people gathered at quality life center in Fort Myers to celebrate the expansion of their teen leadership center.

"I'm a leader. That's what I am", Anaya Latham says she has the center to thank for that.

She signed a beam along with other teens to commemorate the building's completed frame.

She started coming here when she was seven years old, and now she works there.

I had wonderful staff members that helped me out, get out of my comfort zone. Get me out of my shell
Anaya Latham

Executive director Abdul' Haq Muhammed says it was important for teens to be a part of the building process.

That's the idea. We want our children to understand the significance of this effort. It's all about them.

Anaya and the teens take pride in working at the forefront of the center.

It shows adults and older people that teens can do stuff. Teens can help out the community. We are somebody!
Anaya Latham

The bigger leadership center will expose teens to hands-on training for careers like engineering and hospitality.

A bigger building also means the center can accept some of the 200 teens on their waiting list.

Builders plan to finish the expansion in, and the grand opening will be in November.