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Punta Gorda Post Office looking to repeat in top spot for breast cancer stamp sales

Posted at 6:47 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 18:47:05-04

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — The town of Punta Gorda is going pink.

More specifically- its postal carriers. For the fourth year in a row, the post office is vying for number one in the country in sales of its breast cancer research stamp. The initiative is led by one of the office’s more colorful characters.

“This month is the most important month out of the year, every year,” says Eileen Dimase, the lead clerk of the post office.

Inside the Punta Gorda Post Office, during the month of October, you’ll find the color pink has consumed every square inch.
And you’ll be greeted with more than just a smile.

It’s in an effort to sell the most breast cancer research stamps. Led by lead clerk Eileen Dimase- or, more affectionately known to customers as ‘Postal Queen Eileen.’

"Since 2018 up until now we have been number one in the nation and I’ve been number one in breast cancer sales due to the people that work with me,” said Dimase.

A quick glance through Eileen’s window and you’ll see awards, honoring her for her work. But for her it’s not about the accolades… it’s about paying respect.

"It makes me humble because you realize that people make a difference," she says. "I’m sorry…. and they make a difference here. Punta Gorda is awesome. The people I work with- the carriers, the clerks, management- they all step it up a notch and it makes me feel good because I know my grandmother is smiling. You make a difference in life. That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Eileen isn’t alone on her mission, either. Surrounding her is a team of co-workers who are just as devoted to the cause as she is.

"Punta Gorda just comes together as a team and, just like us here in this office, we count on all of our customers each year," said Melissa Kruzel, postmaster at the Punta Gorda office. “They come in, they’re our regulars and they are a part of our family as well.”

Eileen says she looks to retire in 2024. But until that time, she says she has no plans of slowing down.

“I just want to pull it off and say, ‘well good. I know I came and I left my mark.’ Cause that’s what it’s all about. You need to make sure you leave it a better place, not just I’ve been here. Been there, done that, okay forget it. No, you need to make a difference. And that’s what I want to do- make a difference.”

As of today, Eileen is leading the country in postage stamp sales. The last day to buy the breast cancer awareness postage stamps will be October 30.