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Punta Gorda man surprised with new bicycle by Charlotte County Sheriffs Office

Punta Gorda man is surprised with new bicycle from Charlotte County Sheriffs office
Posted at 10:39 PM, Nov 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-13 22:39:28-05

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.  — Keith Ziegler a retired police officer from upstate New York says one morning he woke up to find his bicycle was missing. He filed a detailed report with the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office and says deputies showed up immediately.

“And he was here for about an hour and a half in the park interviewing people looking around, all the information he could possibly get from us, and I pretty much figured we’ll just start looking for a new bicycle,” said Keith Ziegler.

The bicycle is especially important because Ziegler suffered from a stroke 2 years ago. He told deputies this was one of his only forms of exercise. It struck a chord with Deputy John Smith, because he too is a stroke survivor.

“And I was able to bounce back 100%, and knowing that my brother he didn’t bounce back, and I still get to do what i love to do and that’s one of the reasons why it struck a cord so I could give back,” said Deputy John Smith.

Deputy Smith worked with his sergeant and others in his squad to purchase and deliver the bike to Zieglers’ home last Saturday.

“Just to know what you did for someone else and the expression your going to get and the gratitude you’re going to get from it and that’s the only reason why we did it,” said Deputy Smith.

Ziegler walked outside to the convoy of squad cars and deputies with a bike. He tried telling them the bike wasn't his..

“Officer smith said yes it is from the department and all the others that were here, he said this is yours we got it for you,” said Ziegler.

Deputy Smith then made it clear to Zielger, that your fellow brother and sisters in uniform will always take care of you.

“We still look at you as in uniform you gave all that you could to your community now it’s time for the new community that you’re in to give back to you,” said Deputy Smith.

Ziegler is back on his bike and says he is forever grateful for the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office.