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Primary Election: Live poll update

Posted at 6:21 PM, Aug 23, 2022

With a few more hours left at the polls, Fox 4 is keeping you updated with the latest results.

7 am -
Polls officially opened and the early voting numbers in our counties are running above the state average. Lee, Charlotte, and Collier Counties each have higher than the 15 percent state average.

8:30 am -
Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried casts her vote. Fried hopes to become the state's first female governor while focusing on abortion rights.

9:00 am -
Congressman Charlie Crist casts his vote in St. Petersburg. Crist is seeking to return to the governor's mansion for the first time since he served a single term from 2007-2011.

5:00 pm -
Voters still have two hours left to head to the polls. County officials want to remind you to bring some form of ID, like you driver's license. It has to have your picture and a signature on it. Officials also wants voters to make sure they're going to their assigned precinct to vote as they cannot just go to any location. To find out where you're assigned, head to your county's Supervisor of Elections website.

6:00pm -
Polling locations across southwest Florida are seeing a steady stream of voters. In Lee County, a little more than 25-percent of eligible voters have cast their ballot. To break down those numbers even more, 88,767 voted by mail while 30,388 filled out their ballots at their designated precincts.

7:00 pm - Polls officially close