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Police: Three charged with killing homeless man in Arcadia

Posted at 3:45 PM, Dec 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-30 06:33:05-05

ARCADIA, Fla. -- Three suspects connected to the murder of a homeless man were arrested in Arcadia on Saturday. After spending several weeks in the hospital, Juan Sebastian died last week as a result of severe injuries to the head. Police say Sebastian was attacked by the men earlier this month.

Sebastian, the man known to many in the Arcadia community, could always be seen pushing a grocery cart with his dog by his side.

Arcadia Police say he was brutally beaten by three men , 25-year-old Brett Johnston, 27-year-old Kyle Johnston, and 31-year-old Gary Stanka. They have all been charged with second degree murder.

Sebastian was taken to a Bradenton hospital and moved to Arcadia hospice where he died this week from his injuries.

Many in the community are devastated but have come together to remember Sebastian.

One man who knew Sebastian well says he meant a lot to this community

“He meant, he meant a lot because he’ll go up to you and you know he’ll ask you can you give me some money and stuff, and like I said he just pushed his cart and mind his own business everybody used to see him around town everyday and everywhere you go you see him,” said Montreal Peterson.

Peterson says he had great respect for him, and this loss hurts.

“He didn’t do nothing to me but he was just, he was just apart of my life, he was just apart of my life i had so much respect for him,” said Peterson.

He also says he’s glad those men are caught, and wants justice to be served, but he wishes he could have his friend back.

"There finally can be peace and justice at the same time but at the sane time it’s sad because he’s not going to be here,” said Peterson.

Our sister station WFTS reports Sebastian was attacked while he was sleeping on a bench. Police arrested Gary Stanka, 31, Kyle Johnston, 27 and Brett Johnston, 25 and charged them with second-degree murder.