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Police report filed after Trump signs stolen from Fort Myers neighborhood

Posted at 7:17 PM, Oct 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 19:17:38-04

FORT MYERS — Signs are getting stolen in a Fort Myers neighborhood.

Rick Maness told us a flag supporting President Trump was ripped right off his house, and he said dozens of his neighbors had signs taken right out of their front yards.

“The flag, and the flag pole itself, when I turned around and noticed that, I was very upset, because that costs money. About $60 between the two of them," said Maness.

Maness said, after seeing the damage, he felt the need to report it to Fort Myers Police.

“I’ve never had anything happen here before. I’ve never had anything stolen out of my yard in 31 years," said Maness.

We spoke with other neighbors who had their signs stolen. They believe it was only houses supporting President Trump that were hit.

“The morning that she came out to put the balloons on, get well for the President, they were gone," said Robert Oney, who had signs stolen out of his front yard.

Oney said he plans to replace the signs taken out of his yard, and he’s also added a little security.

“We bought a cam and we’re going to put it up now. Didn’t think we’d have to do anything like that living right on the corner, but that’s the times we live in it looks like," said Oney.

Oney said, if the vandal was trying to deter him and other Trump supporters, it didn’t work.

“No deterrence there no. It makes us even more determined to make sure we show our Trump support," said Oney.

“You know, you can steal my sign, you can’t steal my mind. That’s the way I look at it," said Maness.

Maness said FMPD told him they would patrol his neighborhood more regularly to try and keep this from happening again. We also asked FMPD if they had other reports like this around the city, and the department said stealing political signs is not a widespread problem, at least for now.