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Police: Fort Myers doctor threatens police officers in Georgia

Posted at 9:14 PM, May 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-17 21:14:21-04

A Fort Myers doctor threatened police officers in Georgia for pulling him over, according to Roswell police.

Police say it happened Thursday morning when a Roswell Police Officer conducted speed enforcement on Georgia State Highway.

Authorities say Doctor Robert O'Conner was going over the speed limit by 23 mph.

Police say O'Conner stated he was trying to get to a "tee time" and was running late.

The Roswell Officer gave O'Conner a ticket for speeding.

O'conner stated, "he hopes to get to see me in his operating room so he can take great care of me," said the Roswell Officer.

The Officer noted this was made in a very sarcastic manner.

Police say Dr. O'Conner proceeded to call a neighboring jurisdiction, the Sandy Springs Police Department and spoke to an officer there about the ticket.

Police say Dr. O’Conner stated, “I hope one of your Officer's ends up in my hospital, I will make sure they get overly medicated."

Officers at Sandy Springs Police Department immediately notified the hospital he was working at, and hospital officials stated they terminated Dr. O’Conner after learning about the incident.

A judge was contacted in regards to the statements made to see if a criminal charge could be pursued.

The Judge advised officers that although disturbing and unprofessional, what he told the Officer in Sandy Springs was protected by the 1st amendment.

Roswell police say O’Conner is only charged with speeding.