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Plans are in the works for a food truck park that will open up in Lee County coming in 2024

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jan 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-25 22:34:19-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Today we learned new details about the approval for a food truck park that will op up along McGregor boulevard in Fort Myers. The approval comes as a victory for Bruno's of Brooklyn — the owners who proposed the idea.

The meeting had taken hours — going back and fourth with the owners of Bruno's and architects and landscapers, to come up with a whole presentation of what the food truck park will look like.

"We are elated! We are so happy and I just can't wait to get started!" says Calcedonio Bruno. His first words after I caught him, immediately after the approval of the food truck park by the Board of Adjustments. He and his wife Genevieve both own Bruno's of Brooklyn and came up with the entire concept. "This is about a year and a half in the making and we'll start tomorrow."

He's ready to get it going and today we saw designs of what is planned to become Bruno's of Brooklyn Bites Food Truck Park. The location will take up the addresses of of 2300, 2310 and 2320 McGregor Boulevard. This space will be come to a pavilion and five food trucks on site.

“I think it’s tremendous and I think it provides opportunities for people who don’t have any right now. I think it’s a tremendous idea and will bring something that’s contemporary into a historic and beautiful landscape. I think it’ll mesh well together.” There was a lot of support at the public hearing where people wore black t-shirts with the name Bruno's of Brooklyn across it to show their approval.

At the same time, questions were asked about noise, hours of operation and the biggest question that honestly took almost the entire hearing — parking.

Mayor Kevin Anderson with the City of Fort Myers explained, “I think these are things that we can work through. On the positive side, it represents growth and a concept that other areas are enjoying and getting the benefit of.”

The owners will have to resubmit a new plan for landscaping to make sure the concept blends in with the area, especially as we know how this is a historic area along McGregor Boulevard.

“You’re going to see some residents who welcome this change and the progress and others who will not support it. There needs to be a balance and we are growing city, we are changing and we have to grow with the times," says Mayor Anderson.

There was a sense of trust felt in today's meeting where many said this area will be successful just based on the Bruno's work ethic and successful current business downtown.

"I’ve known them since I was elected to the city council and they’re very active in the community, they support a lot of charities and even before hurricane Ian hit, they were feeding our firefighters after the storm they were feeding first responders and nurses — they’re very good people and they have a great restaurant. I’m sure that they’ll put forth a great product," Mayor Anderson added.

Calcedonio Bruno says when it comes to who's food trucks will be on site, all is welcome and they will talk to anybody that’s interested, he hopes to have it all set up by 2024.