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Pizza restaurant in Fort Myers reopens after burglary

Posted at 12:40 AM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 00:40:35-05

On Sunday morning, McGregor Pizza and Deli in Fort Myers was crawling with police officers. Glass from the shattered front door was all over the floor and a dent was in the deli fridge from where thieves threw a brick that slid across the floor. But by the afternoon, the glass was all cleaned up and the phone was ringing off the hook from orders coming in. 

McGregor Pizza and Deli was one of three businesses that were targeted Saturday night. The owner, Katie Marciano was notified after police called when a neighbor saw the damage while on a morning jog. 

Owner Katie Marciano and her husband were determined to keep the shop up and running in spite of what happened. 

"Yes they broke our door, they took our money but they left the oven anf there's pizza to be made", she told Four In Your Corner during the dinner rush. 

While only a handful of people were dinning in, there were still plenty of carryout orders and deliveries. They included one item that Marciano's customers really crave. 

"The pepperoni poppers are definitely the most popular item on the menu." 

McGregor's Pizza will remain open during normal business hours.