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Pit bull attacks puppy, owner uses boat to leave Fort Myers Beach

Posted at 10:58 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 23:12:46-05

A pit bull attacked a 7-month-old puppy Saturday. The pit bull's owner then placed the dog in his boat and left Fort Myers Beach.

The puppy's owner, Renee Boseman, filed a report with Lee County Animal Services. Boseman told the investigator she noticed the pit bull trot towards her and her dog. She instinctively picked up her dog, Dunkin, before the gray pit bull sprinted towards them.

"The dog came up and grabbed him and took him out of my arms," Boseman said. "The pit bull had him right around the neck and wouldn't let go."

Boseman tried to get the attacker off of her dog. She even used her bare hands and sustained scratches on both her arms. Boseman cried out for help and received assistance from others who were on the beach.

The group got the pit bull off of Dunkin when they poured cold water into the dog's eyes.

Boseman told the animal services agent the pit bull's owner gave her a fake name. Witnesses told the investigator the man placed his pet on a boat named Hot Rod and then sped away on it.

"We didn't get an apology or anything," Boseman said. "We would like to make sure other people are responsible and learn from this," she added.

Boseman and her husband informed the agent they wanted to seek damages from the attack. They were told by the animal services investigator that they would need to find the owner of the pit bull for a civil case.

The couple posted an ad on Craigslist with a photo of the man as he pushed his boat out into the water. They want someone who knows something to step forward.

"Really hoping that somebody who knows who he is can help us," Boseman said.