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Person of interest in Cape Coral murders, Wade Wilson speaks out

Posted at 9:56 PM, Nov 15, 2019

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Fox 4 spoke to Wade Wilson, the person of interest in the deaths of two women in Cape Coral Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz.

Rochelle: "did you commit those murders concerning Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz?"

Wilson: "no ma'am i did not commit these murders, and I'm innocent."

What Wilson does admit to is seeing both of those women in the time leading up to their deaths.

According to Wilson, he first met Kristine Melton on the night of October 6th at the Buddha Bar in Fort Myers.

A police report confirms that the did go there with his now ex-girlfriend.

Wilson claims he, Kristine, and her friend all went home with a man they met at the same bar.

After spending some time there, Wilson claims he, Kristine, and her friend eventually decided to head to Kristine's house in Cape Coral.

He claims the man they met was going to join them at first but backed out at the last second.

He says the trio initially tried to leave in the car they arrived in, a dodge challenger hellcat that belonged to wade's then-girlfriend.

But they ran into car trouble and abandoned it somewhere on McGregor Boulevard and took an Uber to Kristine's place.

Wade says he spent the night at her home, and the next morning, he asked to borrow her phone and car so he could try to track down the vehicle that had broken down the night before.

He claims the last time he saw her, she was alive.

Wilson says he used Kristine's phone to call Mila to help him look for the car.

Police records show that the two eventually met up outside of a Fort Myers Spa that Mila owns.

According to the report, Wilson and Mila argued.

The report claims that the fight ended with Wilson viciously attacking her outside of the business. Wilson has been charged with battery in the case.

Wilson says he left Mila's and decided to drive back to Cape Coral to return Kristine's car.

While driving, he claims he drove past Diane Ruiz and stopped to ask her for directions because he couldn't figure where he was.

He claims he drove for about five minutes and then dropped her off at a bus stop alive and well.

According to Wilson, he still couldn't find Kristine's home, so he drove to a nearby graphic design shop he used to work for.

Police say he ended up inside of a home in the Cape and was arrested with blood on his clothes.

Wilson says the blood was from cuts on his hands that he got from working out.

Wilson thinks that the man whose house he went to with Kristine is the person police should be looking out in her case.

Wilson has not been charged with murder in connection to the deaths of Diane Ruiz and Kristine Melton.

Is it tragic that I'm sitting in jail, and people think that I am a monster? Yes, it is.
Wade Wilson, person of interest