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Parents desperate as retailers place limit restrictions on formula

Shortage continues to worsen throughout the country
Posted at 7:49 AM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-09 07:49:38-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Parents are desperate to feed their infants and toddlers. As the nationwide baby formula shortage has gotten worse over the last couple of months both parents and grandparents are struggling to find answers.

According to an online data inventory website, datasembly, the out-of-stock rate for baby formula in the month of April was up 31%. Residents in Southwest Florida have been noticing bare shelves for weeks.

As parents become more desperate, major retailers are beginning to put restrictions on how much families can buy.

CVS, Walgreens and Target have set a limit on infant and toddler formulas. Restricting how many items can be bought per transaction, per household.

CVS said on Saturday that it will be limiting customers to three toddler and infant formulas per transaction.

Target, allowing one more with four units per customer for online sales.

Florida Gulf Coast University Economics professor Victor Claar says while he understands that parents are buying in a panic, there are other things parents and grandparents should be mindful of when in comes to stocking up.

“Now, major retailers are restricting how many products can be bought at one time,” Claar said

But, parents do have options to become more proactive in the meantime. Doctors recommend only buying supplies that can last 10 days to two weeks.

Always check with your local pediatrician who may have information on a local formula representative and you can always check with local charities who may have stock.

Lastly, you can also change your baby's formula, but before doing so consult with your pediatrician.