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Parents concerned over Tik Tok posts threatening school violence

Posted at 11:07 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 23:07:01-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - “I was very, very concerned because I didn’t know where these rumors were coming from," parent, Milli Planas said.

The school violence rumors that Cape Coral police confirm they're investigating. Planas is the mother of an eighth grader at Mariner Middle School. Planas said her daughter showed her the Tik Tok posts.

“They were circulating as screen shots saying kids be careful be safe because of this shooting," Planas said.

The social media post Fox 4 viewed warns of a shooting Friday but it did not specifically reference the middle school.
Thursday afternoon, police added context.

"We became aware of a comment made by a student to another student - one other student - but it was heard, it was reported, it was investigated. It was determined not to be a serious threat and the school takes administrative action against the student,"spokesperson for Cape Coral PD, Phil Mullen said.

Leaders say they are aware of the threat and are doing everything they can to make sure all students are safe.

"I said what about police officers?," Planas said.

Because that post, Planas said she reached out to school leadership about increasing security. She said their answer was not good enough.

“They were like oh there is no need for law enforcement. We have our resource officer. A resource officer is not enough for a whole school," Planas said.

Lee County spokesperson Robert Spicker only spoke in general terms. Spicker released a statement: "The safety and security of our students and staff is our highest priority. In just the last few years we have created a single point of entry and every school, upgraded surveillance camera systems, installed panic alarms, put red locks on all classroom doors and added a controlled entry system to our campuses. We have strengthened existing mental health partnerships, created new ones, and added personnel to our schools so that our students have access to the services they need. We have created Threat Assessment Teams at every school to manage any concerning behavior. We have a school resource officer in every school, two in some of the larger ones, and our schools all employ security attendants. We will continue to add enhancements and improvements to ensure the safety of our students and staff."

For parents like Planas, they want school leaders to do more.

“Why aren’t schools doing anything to educate kids on Tik Tok? Educating the parents to monitor their kids on Tik Tok as well. Another concern is why isn’t Tik Tok doing anything to censor these sick jokes?," Planas said.