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Palm Beach County School Board leaves FSBA in protest over Chris Patricca's comments

Posted at 1:54 AM, Nov 09, 2021

PALM BEACH COUNTY — The controversy over comments about Guatemalan students in Lee County continues to grow.

Many people have been calling for Lee County School Board Member Chris Patricca to resign following those statements back in September.

Now the Palm Beach County School Board has voted unanimously to leave the Florida School Board Association (FSBA) until Patricca steps down.

Patricca is the President of the FSBA. The comments date back to a meeting of the Estero Council of Community Leaders in September, where she said in part “The biggest challenge... principals are facing is getting [Guatemalan students] out of the bathroom because they’ve never seen running water before.”

Palm Beach County School Board Member Marcia Andrews tells us those comments aren’t acceptable to her.

"You're the face of the organization, and the face of the organization shouldn't be embattled in racial rhetoric that's damaging to children. That's truly pretty bad," said Andrews.

We reached out to Patricca for a comment Monday night, but we did not hear back.