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One local bar owner has been growing his hair for 2 years to raise awareness about breast cancer

Posted at 12:49 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 00:56:58-05

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. — “My mom is my queen. She is my motivation in life. She’s the one who told me I could succeed and this is to honor her”, said Thom Popoli.

Thom Popoli owner of FoxBoro Sports Tavern in Naples and Bonita Springs, says growing up his mom instilled values in him that contributed to his success, but when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Popoli was devastated by the news. He knew he wanted to raise awareness about the disease.

“I’m 52 years old and I can still grow hair, and I see so many folks between our restaurant in Naples and Bonita Springs that, I wanted to do something to raise attention to breast cancer awareness”, said Popoli.

Popoli says more importantly, to honor his mother.

“She’s given me all the support and drive I need as an adult to accomplish the goals that I’ve set for myself, so I have to do something in her honor and repay all the wonderful character traits she’s installed in me,” said Popoli.

Popoli says he wants not only his customers but the community to get involved, to help out charities that are dear to his heart, and he's putting his own head on the line to prove it.

“I will have my hair braided by some of my good Haitian community down there in east Naples, and they are going to braid my hair out long. You’ll make a donation for the Cancer Alliance of Naples, then we’ll chop off my braids, the braids will then go to Locks of Love, and the money that we raise by chopping off the braids, will then go to Cancer Alliance of Naples,” said Popoli.

He said the hard work of growing out his hair was no big deal, because of the smile on his mom's face.

“It’s more important to me that were raising attention for the Cancer Alliance of Naples, and for me toil over some extra work on my hair is really no big deal, when you consider the suffering those folks are going through with cancer,” said Popoli.

Popoli says if you want to get involved be sure to visit their Facebook page at FoxBoro Sports Tavern for more information.