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One Lehigh Acres family speaks out after a home invasion leaves them tramuatized

Lehigh Acres family robbed at gunpoint speak out
Posted at 10:25 PM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 22:25:46-05

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. — It was a scary night for a Lehigh Acres family, after three men broke into their home holding them at gunpoint getting away with roughly $10,000 in cash, leaving them traumatized.

“Two people bust in wearing black face masks, black gloves, and waving guns and flashlights at me”, said Jose Herrera.

Herrera is still left shaken after that brutal home invasion last weekend. He says the intruders tied him up with duct tape, as he feared for the safety of his family. The robbers made their way to his brothers and parents room demanding cash, and attacking his loved ones.

“He comes out and I can hear them beating him, hitting him, yelling at him, telling him to get the safe”, said Herrera

Finally able to get free ,Herrera made a split decision and ran to a neighbors home to get help.

“ I bang on their door tell them my name, who I am, I’m their neighbor, I say please, help I’m your neighbor, there are people that I don’t know in my house, they have guns”, said Herrera.

That neighbor who didn't want to reveal her identity says she was not sure what was going on.

“ I grabbed my phone and was asking like what’s going on, and he’s like I’m your neighbor its Jose and they’re taking my family”, said Herrera.

Tonight the family and neighbors remain on edge.

“The unnerving part is that they are probably scoping out the neighborhood and noticing our activity, which makes me feel violated, and I still feel like this is a safe neighbor hood and we are all close”, she said.

Herrera is still confused as to why his family was targeted. He and his family are just thankful to be alive.

“I’m wondering why they chose us in specific, why out of anyone else in this state, and this country, in the world, they chose us, why would they make us have to go through with this,” said Herrera.

Victims and witnesses told police there was possibly a drone seen flying over the home prior to the break in. At this time deputies say they are working to find out if that drone was connected to this crime.

If you have any information on this incident you are urged to call crime stoppers.