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One 49ers fan buys tailgating ticket for Super Bowl 54, only to find out its not allowed

Warning for NFL fans hoping to tailgate during Super Bowl in Miami
Posted at 11:08 PM, Jan 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-25 23:08:32-05

LEHIGH ACRES — Olivia Sainz of Lehigh Acres, has always been a die hard 49ers fan. She was thrilled to see San Francisco make it to the Super Bowl. She recently purchased a $300 ticket on StubHub to tailgate at Super Bowl 54, at Hard Rock stadium in Miami. Only later to find out tailgating is not allowed.

“As a fan we feel robbed, basically because from day 1, we’re the fans, we’re the supporters, we work hard and of course we can’t afford to go to Super Bowl, family of 4 that’s over twenty thousand dollars, but at least we had something”, said Sainz.

The NFL has a no-tailgating policy in the parking lots. Ticket holders can still bring food, but they will be confined to their vehicles.

Sainz has been left highly upset, since she is now out of $300. She contacted StubHub asking for a refund, but her request was denied.

“The person I spoke to in customer service actually told me, he needed to verify that because he wasn’t aware of the no tailgating,” said Sainz.

I even reached out to StubHub for comment but was declined and directed to their media relations inquiry page.

However, as of recently, an important no tailgating notice was just been added to the website.

Sainz says had the notice popped up in the beginning, she would have never bought her ticket. She just wants there were more options for the average fan who can't afford actual game tickets.

“Yeah our teams going to the Super Bowl, but to not even be able to tailgate? Like football is awesome, and tailgating is one of the biggest parts of going to see your team at the stadium,” said Sainz.

Now she will be cheering on her team from home, and she has one message.

“My family and I are so happy that you guys have worked so hard, and I know we’re going to win the super bowl”, said Sainz.