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North Port floods after Hurricane Elsa

Posted at 12:27 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 00:27:46-04

NORTH PORT, FLA — Floodwaters caught some off guard in North Port Thursday like Diane Thomas who says she came home early to try and wade through.

"Yesterday when I went to work it was just in the swells and then when I came home from work about 8 o'clock last night. I could see the road was starting to get covered," she said, "I don't know what I'm going to do."

But for others, like Kevin Shaw, it's water they won't chance even if it means missing out on time with old friends.

"We're not going through that water. If we can get to them safely then we can take them on a dinner date, if not we'll see them next time," he said.

And as the day dragged on, it became clear that sand and dry ground were what many needed to ride out the rising waters.

Some families took advantage of the latter at the Morgan Family Community Center, which was turned evacuation shelter for folks looking to escape the rising water.

"We have a one-year-old so we wanted to make sure that if something were to happen to her that it wasn't going to take long for any kind of EMT response," said a man named Paul.

That family ended up leaving the shelter to spend time with relatives who live nearby, but they encourage anyone else who needs help to stay there.

You can bring pets to the shelter as long as they're in crates. Cots and showers will also be provided.

The city of North Port also says that they have resources to help folks evacuate larger animals like horses, but they ask that you contact them ASAP if you need that kind of help.

They also say if you have any flood-related questions or concerns, you should call them at 941-429-7169.