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North Fort Myers women robbed at gunpoint

Posted at 8:47 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 22:43:27-05

Three women say they woke up with guns in their faces early Tuesday morning after teenagers barged into their home and robbed them at gunpoint.

It happened on Tennyson Drive in North Fort Myers, and the teen are still on the run. The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

"We were all sound asleep," Jackie Ash said. "They broke in the back window and they couldn't get out the slider. They ran right into it with their head. That's what woke my sister and our roommate."

Ash said the teens then came around the front of the house and kicked the front door in.

"I was opening my door and he pushed the door open and he told me to get down," Ash said.

She said she complied at first.

"I got down and I thought, oh he** no. He goes 'Give me your phone.' I said 'I'm not giving you my phone. I'm not giving you my f****** phone.' I said 'You need to get the f*** out of my room and get the f*** out of my house. Right now," Ash said.

Ash said her sister and her roommate were dealing with the other two boys.

"My roommate woke up with a gun in her face," she said.

She said two of their faces were covered with hoodies. The other boy's face was covered by one of their Halloween masks.

"Police found one in the driveway. They also left behind a beanie," Ash said.

She hopes the DNA evidence on those items, plus the surveillance video her neighbor has, will land the teens behind bars.

The robbers made off with Ash's roommate's purse, credit cards, debit cards, and cell phone. They also stole her sisters cell phone and some expensive electronics.