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No evidence found during forensic search of Cape Coral home last week

Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-27 17:53:56-04

UPDATE 4/27, 2:33 P.M.:

After two days of forensics teams searching and digging in the yard of a Cape Coral home last week, police stated today that the tip they received did not provide any evidence in the case.

UPDATE (10: 46AM)-- Cape Coral and Lee County Investigators are digging up and sifting through dirt in the back yard of a home at SE 7th Place and Country Club Blvd. Sheriff Marceno said there is no threat to the community during a recent press conference.

Sheriff Marceno says there is no threat to the community.

"We received information from an anonymous source about an older investigation that we came to investigate the preliminary look at the scene let us dig a little bit deeper to find out what indeed we have and just to echo with the Sheriff said when we talk about no threat to the community, " said Interim Chief Sizemore.

Sheriff Marceno said that investigation is in the very early stages of the investigation.

"We believe transparency is so important and we want the community to know as we get that information and as things unfold without harming the investigation we're going to give that information to you immediately," Said Sheriff Marceno.

The investigation continues. Count on Fox 4 to update you with the latest information as we receive it.


(April 21st )--Police officers, forensics, and other units are conducting an active investigation at a home in Cape Coral.

Investigators are digging up and sifting through dirt in the back yard of a home at SE 7th Place and Country Club Blvd. The entire property is surrounded by crime tape.

One neighbor says police were on the property with a dog a couple of days ago. We spoke with another neighbor who did not want to go on camera out of respect of the homeowners. She told us she believes it's likely related to a cold case investigation that pre-dates the current owners. That could explain the search but it's a situation that is baffling neighbors.

“I know the neighborhood pretty good here and everybody seems to be nice," says Fred Welch, a neighbor. "There’s a couple of neighbors that just moved in and they’re not used to this either, I’m sure.”

We did reach out to the homeowners for comment, however, they denied our request. Cape Coral Police say this is an active investigation.

FOX 4 will keep you updated as this story develops.