New security features begin Monday at Collier schools

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - Parents and visitors to a handful of Collier County schools will now have to present at least one form of identification outside the school as well as inside.

Call boxes will be in place at Immokalee and Gulf Coast High Schools, as well as Osceola Elementary beginning May 21st.

"An email came through yesterday from the principal telling us there are new measures, parents will have to show their IDs," said Gulf Coast Parent Mary Lathers.

She has two students at the school and is relieved to hear about the new features, especially since Gulf Coast was threatened on social media in February.

"That was the most terrifying thing earlier this year to get a text saying their might have been a shooter at Gulf High School, it's a text no one ever wants to get," said Lathers.

Office doors will also be locked during business hours, but not all students think these precautions will keep them safe.

"Maybe we're safe from the outside, world." said Golden Gate High Sophomore Carina Interian.  "But on the inside people that are students, it could cause something with a student where they freak out one day and bring a gun to school."

Others worry publicizing the new security measures will do more harm than good.

"Some kids take it as, OK since they are doing this, I need to figure out a way around it," said Golden Gate High student Maytte Condomina.

All Collier County schools are expected to have these security enhancements by the start of the 2018-2019 school year.


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