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Copy of New Cape Coral mayor sworn in

Posted at 11:21 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 23:21:10-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- A new mayor took the oath of office Monday night inside Cape Coral City council chambers.

"I, Joe Coviello, will faithfully perform all the duties of the office of mayor," said Coviello with one hand raised and the other on the bible his wife held.

The words mean a lot to Cape Coral's newest mayor.

"I was excited to take the oath, the words really meant something," said Coviello. " I want to make sure that I carry out the office to the best of my ability," he added.

Marni Sawicki reflected on her time as mayor.

"We've covered a lot. We done a lot in four years," said Sawicki. "When you write it all down and just how much we are recognized, I'm proud of my entire council," she added.

Sawicki ready to hand over the gavel to Coviello.

"It's been a long four years and I love this community," said Sawicki. "I'm honored to have served, but I'm relieved," she added.

Coviello and the rest of the new members say they're ready.

"It's a challenge for all eight people up on council," said Coviello. "My job is to bring that group together to make the very best decisions in their voting for the issues that come before us," she added.

John Gunther, Jennifer Nelson, and Dave Stokes were also sworn in Monday night.

Mayor Coviello and the rest of city council hammered out some nominees for committees. They also approved next year's calendar.