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Neighbors want more speed humps on their street

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jan 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-07 06:25:24-05

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — Charlotte County installed a new speed hump on Encarnacion Street this week. The first of its kind in the area. But, residents said they were expecting four humps all at once.

Neighbor Fred Pazona said it’s a safety concern.

“This is a small street. No sidewalks. And basically if you’re walking on the street with a dog or bicycling, you’re taking your life in your hands,” he said.

The speed humps were approved back in February, and neighbors said the instillation has taken longer than expected.

Charlotte County Commissioner Joe Tiseo said the county will install the remaining humps by the end of the month.

Pazona also said the hump installed is not the 12 foot hump they agreed upon back in February. But Tiseo said the size chosen calms traffic just fine.

“We’ve got seven foot humps out there and they work pretty well,” said Tiseo.

He also said the four humps priced at $9,200 total were more affordable than the humps that span 12 feet in length.

Tiseo said he stopped by the neighborhood after the hump was installed last week. He said he drove over the hump with Pazona, and it seemed to slow him down just fine. So, Pazona said he asked for two more.

“When I spoke to him the next day, he said that’s not possible, which disappoints me,” said Pazona.

Pazona said they can legally put them closer so they can fit more humps. But Tiseo said, since this is the first kind of speed humps in this area, the county has to test out the four humps before they determine if more are necessary.

“And we’re going to be monitoring that on a daily basis to get the data. So we can study to see if they’re actually working or not,” said Tiseo.

Tiseo said the next hump will be installed next week. And the other two humps will be installed by the end of the month.