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Neighbors Frustrated With Trash Behind Del Prado Mall

Posted at 7:54 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 19:54:40-05

Behind the Del Prado Mall where a dumpster once stood is now a growing pile of trash. Smelly garbage bags, an old Christmas tree, empty bags of chips and old beer bottles make a smelly eyesore. The trash is frustrating for both he business owners and the people who live behind the plaza. 

Four In Your Corner spoke with an employee who works at one of the shops in the plaza, According to her, the trash has been a problem for years. 

"It's hazardous, it's attracting animals, it's attracting flies, it just shouldn't be there", she told Fox 4. 

She also said that she has frequently seen random people who live in the houses surrounding the plaza dump their trash there, and that they're as much to blame as the businesses in the mall. 

Business owners are not the only people who are frustrated. Neighbors are just as fed up. Four In Your Corner spoke with Barbara Dunlop. She lives behind the Del Prado Mall and used to work at the TJ Maxx there. She says the trash problem has spilled over onto the surrounding streets. 

"It's not making it into the dumpster, so it's blowing back into the neighborhood."

She believes that the culprits could just be taking advantage of the empty space behind the plaza.

"I mean it could even be drive-by people that have too much trash for their cans."

Code enforcement came out to inspect after receiving multiple calls about the trash. The city confirmed that they have received complaints about this in the past. A case has been opened but will take a few days to before a resolution can be reached.