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Neighbors calling on Cape Coral to crack down on home littered with trash for months

Posted at 12:32 AM, Nov 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-06 00:32:36-04

CAPE CORAL — People living in a Cape Coral neighborhood are fed up with trash piling up in front of the house across the street.

They say the owner is negligent and has even allowed squatters to move into the place, but so far, the City hasn’t done anything about it.

According to several people we spoke with living alonf SW 48th Ln., the trash has been there since the beginning of September. It’s been rained on and is just becoming a huge eyesore, but when neighbors offered to take care of it themselves, they tell us the City said they would be trespassing.

The trash extends from the front yard of the house all the way to the back. It’s a mess Diana McReary said she’s been looking at for months.

"I made the first complaint on 9/29, and it had been here for three weeks," said McReary.

McReary said all the junk was actually brought to the house and dumped there.

"There was a u-Haul truck that just came one day, and they just started bringing all this stuff out," said McReary.

Another neighbor, Rosemary Scirrotto, said people are coming and going from the house who aren’t supposed to be there, and it’s a safety issue.

"We believe they do go around the back and go into the lanai and sleep in there, or whatever they’re doing," said Scirrotto.

"They come and look through the stuff while it’s dark out. So that’s not good," said McReary.

Scirrotto said neighbors are so eager to get the mess cleaned up they offered to do it themselves.

"We offered them, we’ll get the dumpster. We’ll get our people together in the community here and we’ll clean it up. We don’t like seeing that. They called it we would be trespassing," said Scirrotto.

We were able to look up the man who owns the home, Michael Mann, but we were not able to get in touch with him.

We also reached out to the City multiple times to find out what is being done about this, but we have not received a response.

But despite months of waiting, McReary said she is still remaining positive that the City will finally do something about the mess.

"Cape Coral is a great place to live, and they’re not going to just let this happen. I mean someone is going to have to step in and say God, get a dumpster," said McReary.