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Neighbors blame dogs, not bird, for barking in Cape Coral

Posted at 11:24 PM, Apr 03, 2018

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Neighbors in a Cape Coral neighborhood are speaking out after a woman claims that nuisance barking actually came from her pet parrot Zazu.

Complaints of loud barking were filed with Lee County Domestic Animal Services.  But the owner of the dogs said her bird is the one who barked.

"It's a dilemma you don't want to be in with all your neighbors upset at your pets," Cheryl Kasper said.  She received the written warning about nuisance barking over the weekend.

Tom Tipton has lived on the street since last September. He said he's heard the barks all the time. "It's definitely the four dogs barking," Tipton said. "You can smell the dog droppings from the street in the lanai," he added.

Tipton gave 4 In Your Corner cell phone video he shot that shows Kasper's dogs running freely in the street.

"If you come to our property, my dog will bark, come out and sniff you, then head back inside to her bed," Tipton said. "Her dogs will chase you back to your own driveway," he added.

Kasper said she will comply with the nuisance letter's instructions. She wants to make sure her pets won't get out of control.  "I have to start managing the dogs differently," Kasper said. "I have to get Zazu to stop barking too," she added.

Tipton was surprised to see that Kasper even had a bird. He was even more surprised to hear it could be the source of all the noise.

"I didn't even know there was a bird actively living in the neighborhood," Tipton said. "If you walk by the house right now, the dogs are going to bark at you through the window," he added.

Kasper told 4 In Your Corner her bird, Zazu, does bark whenever her dogs bark.  "An aviary expert offered her services if it got escalated," Kasper said.

Tipton just wants the noise to stop.  "It's your responsibility to keep your pets quiet," Tipton said.

Lee County Animal Services said the nuisance ordinance applies to all animals.

"It is for any animal that causes any kind of disturbance. It doesn't matter what the disturbance is. It could be screeching, howling, or barking," says Karen Frodiani of Lee Animal Control.