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Naples family provides aid to farmworkers in Immokalee

Posted at 10:55 PM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 09:55:08-04

IMMOKALEE, FL. — A family from Naples is stepping in to help some local Immokalee farmworkers and their families.

"These people are some of the hardest working people we have, I think oftentimes they get overlooked," said Chris Resop.

On Thursday, Resop and his family distributed two months' worth of supplies to 8 low-income families in Immokalee — including diapers, water, hygiene, and cleaning products.

"This is something that I wasn't expecting, and it's something I'm thankful for," said Alma Rivas, one of the farmworkers to receive this aid.

Resop says they didn't do it alone — it was an effort among nearly 100 friends and family members.

The Redlands Migrant Christian Associate also helped with the distribution.

"We're fortunate, we're blessed, we're in a position to be able to help out, I think it's something that if you can find it in yourself and you're able to do it you should," said Resop.

RCMA is the state's largest non-profit provider of early childhood education.

The non-profit organization based in Immokalee also provides resources to low-income, farm working families.

RCMA has applied for more than $1 million in emergency grants and received more than $250,000 so far in grants and individual contributions to help its 6,500 children and their families in 21 Florida counties.

"Our families are reporting being late on rent and utilities, and that is a significant stress making them make really critical choices between paying rent or buying food, "said Gloria Moorman, RCMA Director of Development.

Moorman says a lot of the families they serve don’t have transportation, so access to distribution sites is very challenging.

"This is something very meaningful given that we are farmworkers who don't receive the same aid that others do," said Rivas.

Rivas has six children and is their only provider.

Many of the families RCMA serves don't qualify for government aid.

Part of Thursday's donation was providing monetary assistance to the families.

"We're able to cover all their rent and utilities for the next month, as well as some additional cash for whatever they may need for everyday living and their kids," said Resop.

While this will help the families for the next couple of months, the need continues.

Resop and his family plan to continue to make these donations and hope more people will step in to help.

"From a box of diapers to a case of water, it all helps, and it's all more than appreciated," said Resop.

Resop says people who want to contribute can contact him through Facebook.

To learn more about RCMA, click here.