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Naples Cubans call for American intervention

Posted at 12:00 AM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 10:01:50-04

NAPLES, FLA — Through chants and song, hundreds of protestors in Naples all called for the same thing Tuesday.

"Free Cuba," said Yasiel Aguilar.

It's a cry they say has been happening for decades.

"It is not new and they need to understand that the people of Cuba are suffering," said Yvette Benarroch.

And it's a call that comes from people who say their family once believed in the Cuban regime, but not anymore.

"Mi papa es el combatiente del ejercito de Fidel Castro," said Gardenia Rill.

The group is calling on the U-S government to step up and intervene.

U.S. Representative for Florida's 19th Congressional District, Byron Donalds, was at the march and says he'll be pushing for change in congress.

"You know we go all across the globe to free people and we should. But to allow what's happening on the island of Cuba for the last 62 years to me is unacceptable," he said, "At a minimum what we should do is continue the sanctions on that country."

And while they wait for change, those in the crowd say they leave the people of Cuba with this message.

"We're here with you. We will support you. We wish we were there with you," said one protestor.