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Naples City Council approves firefighter pay raise, benefits

Naples Fire
Posted at 6:54 AM, Apr 20, 2022

NAPLES, Fla. — The Naples City Council have voted to approve a new contract with city firefighters.

Council members voted unanimously to approve the new contract, beginning a new three-year deal effective immediately.

This new contract will see a rise in pay as well as benefits and will be a three-year deal, running thru September 2024. Speaking of pay raises, each year will see a salary increase for firefighters.

Within the first year, there will be a pay raise of 13%. In year two, a 7% raise and in year three a 6% raise. There is also an incentive to keep paramedics on the job with a $2,000 check. Firefighters who get their air rescue certification will receive an extra $1,500 a year.

Other benefits include a $300 holiday bonus. The city will pay for paramedics to get state certified training and union members can get cash back if they have more than 204 personal leave hours.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that the union voted to approve the deal just last week.