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More victims in Cube Smart storage unit break-ins in Cape Coral

Posted at 12:14 AM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-06 00:14:17-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Only fox 4 is exposing a rash of thefts at storage units in Cape Coral.

Fox 4 was the first to report the arrest of Tara Sexsmith last month. Now, new victims are coming forward claiming she stole from them and they want to see her in jail.

“I would like her to do time, I would also like my stuff back,” said Michael Heath.

Heath is one of at least four victims who had valuable items stolen at Cube Smart on Pine Island Road.

“Over $40,000 was approximately stolen and we recovered $5,000 maybe,” said Heath.

He showed Fox 4 the laundry list of things still missing. His family is left in agony with several priceless items gone.

“All our baby stuff, family pictures we have family heirloom pictures over a 150 years old,” said Heath.

His story is just like Faith Flannery and Natalie Padilla who spoke to Fox4 in October.

“I couldn’t believe somebody stole everything that I owned,” said Flannery.

“She stole my memories and it’s beyond upsetting,” said Padilla.

Denise Franklin also reached out to Fox 4 saying she's a victim too.

Police arrested Tara Sexsmith in October in connection to the break-ins. She has an arrest record dating back to 2013 in Lee County, according to the sheriff’s office.

“She robbed me and my children. There’s a lot of priceless items I can’t get back,” said Padilla.

In a report, police said some of the victims' items were found inside Sexsmith’s storage unit. Yet, she denied it, saying she bought those items at a yard sale.

“I want her charged and put away,” said Sexsmith.

At last check, the victims have yet to recover all of their stolen items. Right now, Sexsmith is facing burglary and petit theft charges. She’s written a plea of not guilty.

“I think she deserves to be put away, I don’t think she deserves to run the streets,” said Heath.

Sexsmith is scheduled to have her arraignment next week on Dec 9th.

Cube Smart said they have been fully cooperating and working directly with police on these break-ins. Since it’s still an ongoing investigation, they could not further comment.