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More than 70 people living in Port Charlotte getting harassing messages in the mail or on Facebook

More than 70 people receiving harassing messages in Port Charlotte
Posted at 12:22 AM, Jan 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-23 00:22:41-05

PORT CHARLOTTE — More than 70 people in Port Charlotte are getting pornographic pictures sent to them in the mail, while others are getting bullied on Facebook, and they believe it’s all linked to one guy.

Two of them are now speaking out in the hope that someone can put a stop to it. Sherry, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, has collected documents from dozens of victims. She said she was stunned when she first got the letter.

“When I first got this, I had no clue where it came from," said Sherry.

It contained a picture of the female body and an insult that we can’t show on TV. She said she called the sheriff’s office, and a deputy came to her home.

“He just took a picture of it, and went away," said Sherry.

“I went to report it at the sheriff’s office, and I was told what many of them are told, if there’s no physical threat, they won’t pursue it at all," said a man who wished not to be identified at all, for fear of retaliation.

In addition to a nasty picture he received, he was also harassed by multiple fake accounts on Facebook, like one with a man’s face that was pulled from a generic driver’s license photo.

“He is using Facebook as a weapon to terrorize people, to terrorize our community," said the anonymous victim.

“Absolutely know who this is, because once I found out other people have received this, he’s the only person we have in common," said Sherry.

All of the letters people have been receiving in Port Charlotte have the same return address, so we followed it, and it took us to the Central Plaza shopping center, which houses seven different businesses. We talked with the agent marketing the plaza, and he didn’t even know the address had been co-opted.

“I think our only option is going to be a lawsuit, because we can’t seem to get anyone to listen," said Sherry.

We spoke with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, and they said they are looking into the several complaints they’ve received, but they can’t say if there’s an ongoing investigation or what they plan to do about the mailers going forward.