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Momentum building for recreational marijuana vote

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 23:37:05-04

The movement to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Florida got a boost from multi-millionaire lawyer John Morgan.

Morgan, who helped get medicinal marijuana passed in 2016, tweeted his support for a ballot measure that would completely legalize the drug.

"I see a lot of potential problems, but I think the state is going to legalize it anyway," said former District Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit Joseph D'Allesandro.

He's worried that unlike alcohol, people will underestimate the effects getting high behind the wheel will have on them.

"You don't know the individuals, one person could smoke a joint, maybe
it's like a beer, the other one smokes a joint, and man it's like going over a cliff."

Florida recently launched a "Drive Baked, get Busted Campaign" which critics say is targeted toward the medical marijuana community.

"The focus should be alcohol, the focus should be on drugs. Marijuana, it's debatable as to whether it is a drug or not.  It's a plant, again that's killed no one in history, said Nick Garuley of My Florida Green.

The organization helps place patients with doctors who can prescribe medical marijuana for them.

He says there is a massive demand for recreational marijuana he believes will propel the issue onto the 2020 ballot.

But he's worried about everyone being able to get their fair share.

"A stage 4 cancer patient deserves access to medical marijuana as an alternative deserves access before the person who is just looking to get stoned."

In order for the initiative to make it on the ballot, it would need at least 766,200 signatures, which must come from at least 14 of the 27 congressional districts in Florida.

At least 60% of voters must vote yes in order for it to become law.