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Marijuana doctor plans on growing business in Fort Myers

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 06:49:12-05

People filled out the paperwork to receive their medical marijuana cards from the state of Florida, and now more doctors are opening up businesses to help them out. 

Offices like Iona Cannabis Center in Fort Myers have their phones lines busy.

"Everybody has questions," said Dr. Gregory Sonn, after he wrapped up with a patient.

Dr. Sonn and the rest of his team try to educate people in order to overcome certain stigmas medicinal marijuana carries.

"There's no green flower. We are not rolling up joints and passing it around in the kitchen," said Dr. Sonn.

The medicine he prescribes to his patients are oils and vapor products.

However, when he made the decision to transition his practice with marijuana based treatments, there was some push back.

"We put some flags up and our landlord asked us to take them down," said Dr. Sonn.

He's happy he made the call back in January. His wellness practice now almost entirely deals with medicinal marijuana. The success has even allowed them to expand.

"We have closed on a 3 thousand square foot office," said Dr. Sonn. "That's more than double than what we have right now," he added.

He thinks it's inevitable more medicinal marijuana practices will continue to pop up around town.

"There's going to be a progression," said Dr. Sonn. "There's going to be a significant number of patients who are being helped and that's what I care about," he added.