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Marco Patriots headed home after helping people impacted by Idalia

Posted at 8:12 AM, Sep 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-06 08:12:52-04

SUWANNEE, Fla. — A local disaster recovery group called the Marco Patriots headed home Tuesday after helping people in Florida's Big Bend area.

Volunteers responded to the area after it was devastated by Hurricane Idalia which made landfall as a Cat. 3 hurricane almost one week ago.

Volunteer Chris Hall was in Suwannee on Tuesday which is roughly 60 miles south of where the eye of the storm hit.

He said the group ran out of the supplies they caravanned to the community after being there for three days.

Hall said the group cooked hot meals, delivered generators and fuel, and helped people clean out their homes. Similar to Hurricane Ian, Hall mentioned how people along the coast lost everything due to the devastating storm surge but their community meet-up spot became a sanctuary for many people after the storm.

"A lot of community interaction here a lot of people walking up and telling how they handled the flood and how they handled the surge," said Hall. "Plus a lot of families are reuniting here."

The Marco Patriots are always accepting donations and looking for volunteers to join the cause. You can click here for more information.